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Chemical and Pulping Ltd (CPL) is an advanced engineered process supplier.  With registration in Hong Kong and the USA, CPL is committed to serving all regions of the world as a provider of energy saving process technologies and equipment.  The companies and products represented worldwide include CabTec International llc pulping technologies as well as other pulp and paper equipment suppliers through the International Pulp and Paper alliance (iPPa).

CPL serves two industries:  Pulp and Paper and Chemicals.

Recent News

Nov 2014  CPL has sold a retrofit conversion to Chung Hwa Pulp (CHP) of Taiwan for their Line 1 cooking system (6 x 120 m3).  CHP was one of the first pulp mills in the world to install displacement cooking technology in 1991 (RDH Retrofit of Line 2, 5 x 120m3 digesters).  Now they will be installing the best displacement batch cooking system in the world on Line 1 . . . a DDS III.

Jan 2014  CPL successfully bid in Beijing for Luzhou Yongfeng Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd, a 500+ admt/d bamboo alpha dissolving pulp mill in Sichuan Province over Metso's Superbatch and GL&V's DD processes

CPL DDS Sales Record in their first 12 years

76 digesters @ 20 projects

Project Details

5 Retrofit / 15 Greenfield;  4 designed for alpha dissolving pulp/kraft swing with 16 as kraft only

Total DDS production of 9,930 admt/d (kraft basis)

Digester Details

Total DDS digester design volume: 14,985 m3 (largest: 350 m3;  smallest: 110 m3)

RDH digesters upgraded to DDS digesters: 13 @ 2 projects

Furnish Details

Tropical Hardwoods, Masson's Pine (Chinese Red Pine), various Bamboo species, Eucalyptus, Acacia, Poplar, Larch

Non-Traditional Batch:  Plywood Pins, Plywood Pin/Bagasse mix (70/30)



bulletIn our Pulp and Paper division we offer:

bulleta displacement kraft batch digester cooking system for wood and bamboo furnish.  The Displacement Digester System (DDS, patent pending) provides for high energy savings, low kappa pulp (high bleach chemical savings) and high pulp strength. There are two configurations available (DDS Design P and DDS Design G) depending on the desired amount of steam savings required.

bulleta conventional kraft batch digester cooking system with decreased steam consumption for wood and bamboo.  This Digester Steam Saver (DSS, patent pending) system saves substantial energy with low investment, but does not offer the chemical benefits of a displacement digester system (DDS) since it is designed for energy savings only and does not reuse the spent liquor to recycle residual chemicals.  There are two configurations:  DSS Type R and DSS Type D.

bulleta black liquor treatment system to increase the washing efficiency in the brown stock area by mitigating interference caused by the high molecular weight lignin compounds.  The Clean Wash Process, CWP (patented), is especially useful for O2 delignification installations.

bulletDCS control systems with advanced control configurations (software) including turn-key projects that  provide both the hardware installation and configuration software.

bulletcomplete fiberline, stock approach, pulp machine, or paper machine as a member of the International Pulp and Paper Alliance (iPPa) which is a group of equipment suppliers that together offer equipment and services for the entire fiberline starting from the raw material furnish handling equipment through to the rewinder after the paper machine, including DCS/QCS systems.  The iPPa also offers finance assistance for the export market as promoted by the US and Spanish governments.

bullet export pulp (virgin and recycle) to Asia Pacific from the US.


bulletIn our Chemical division we import and export chemicals as well as offering mixing agitators.

bulleta proprietary process to convert kraft pulp mill lime mud to high quality PCC for use in paper, plastic and other industries.  The Platey Process, PPCC (patent pending), does not require a lime kiln.

bulletWe represent MixPro™ Agitators in Asia Pacific.  These high performance agitators are respected in the chemical industry as well as the pulp and paper industry.


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