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This page gives a brief background on our company.

When Did Chemical and Pulping Ltd Start ?

Chemical and Pulping Ltd (CPL) was incorporated in 2004 to be the exclusive distributor of CabTec International llc technology which includes kraft batch cooking systems and pulp mill lime mud conversion systems.  Also, CPL provides import/export services, project management and other technology assistance.

Where is CPL registered ?

  CPL is registered in:

the autonomous region of Hong Kong (#1001407) as Chemical and Pulping International Limited

the country of Seychelles (#070686) as Chemical and Pulping Ltd

Who is the management team at Chemical and Pulping Ltd ?

Craig A Bianchini PE PMP CEM;   President and CEO    (email)

Mr. Bianchini is the founder and owner of CabTec International llc as discussed above as well as founder of Chemical and Pulping Ltd.

Alejo X Artaza Jauregui;   Special Projects Advisor (email)

Mr. Artaza is the Managing Director of Bapco, a.i.e., a non-profit Basque Paper Consortium, located in Spain. He was Vice President of Beloit Asia Pacific Pte, Ltd prior to co-founding Bapco a.i.e.

Please visit the management page for further information.

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