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This page is an overview of the DSS cooking systems.

Digester Steam Saver, DSS - Patent Pending

The Digester Steam Saver system (DSS) is designed for steam savings.  The following table is a summary of the systems offered and is organized:

bulletFrom the top to the bottom in increasing capital investment
bulletFrom the top to the bottom in decreasing operational costs
bulletFrom the top to the bottom in equipment addition so they systems can be upgraded at a future date (that is, all equipment is utilized from one to the next)


Steam Consumption

Washing in Digester

Cooking Chemistry


D S S    F a m i l y

DSS Type R

1.4 mton/odmt pulp


conventional kraft

DSS Type D

1.1 mton/odmt pulp

one vacuum washer

conventional kraft


The DSS does not require a tank farm the size of DDS. The DSS Type R and Type D both require only one pressure vessel.  The Type D allows for energy recovery similar to a displacement digester system (ie. one washing stage equivalent), however the spent liquor is not reused as in the displacement digester system (DDS) which precludes the chemical benefits similar to the other DDS.  All of the DSS configurations are a very economical first option versus the DDS since all the equipment can be used to progress to the DSS, a true displacement digester system, at a future time.

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