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This page gives a brief background on MixPro.  Visit MixPro's website.

When Did MixPro Agitators Start ?

Professional Mixing Equipment Incorporated (known as MixPro™ Agitators in the process industries) was formed in November 1996 after the buy-out and subsequent absorption of Prochem mixers by Chemineer / Robbins & Myers. A key group of ex-Prochem employees seized the opportunity and established Professional Mixing Equipment Incorporated. MixPro™ Agitators is the registered trademark for the mixer lines they produce.

What is MixPro's Goal?

Professional Mixing Equipment Incorporated has a mission: to develop a safe, world class manufacturing facility which produces a rugged, reliable, yet economical mixer that exceeds the expectations of the customer in both performance, mechanical design and customer service. In achieving this mission, we will promote a strong sense of pride within the organization and establish long term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

Where is MixPro Located?

The head office and manufacturing facilities are located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. We have full fabrication capabilities and over 10,000 square feet dedicated to the manufacture of agitators and processing equipment. MixPro is a self sufficient manufacturer which allows the flexibility of custom fabricating our unique solutions from any metallurgy without compromising quality or delivery.

Of course, the heart of the manufacturing is the people we employ. Experienced engineers, papered millwrights, certified welders and licensed machinists provide MixPro™ Agitators with the competitive edge and technical support desired by our customers.

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