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This page gives brief information concerning MixPro's experience and management team.  Visit MixPro's website.

What is MixPro's Area of Expertise?

As we are well aware, every mixing application involves one of four scenarios:  a) maintaining homogeneity and/or thermal uniformity of a pre-blended mixture or b) blending one or more components together to make a mixture or c) solids suspension or d) gas dispersion. The experience of knowing which problem is at the root of the mixing application and how to size the unit for this application determines whether a mixer recommendation will be successful.

To date, the worldwide success of our company in the agitation markets has been based solidly on the experience of our personnel and their knowledge of applying the correct product to resolve specific agitation problems. We have further utilized this knowledge to design products with the requirements of a traditional pulp mill and process plants in mind, yet maintain maximum flexibility to purchasing and maintenance people. This enables the mill stores to minimize capital expenditures and overhead.

Who are the Key Personnel at MixPro?

Since our formation, we have quickly established ourselves as a preferred supplier of industrial agitation equipment to the Pulp & Paper, Mineral Processing, Wastewater Treatment and Chemical industries. Our team of dedicated professionals is eager to facilitate your mixing requirements.

Steve Slat - Manufacturing Manager

Steve is a licensed millwright whom has been in a production oriented manufacturing environment for over 30 years. Employed for over 18 years as a manufacturing / assembly supervisor with Prochem, his knowledge on rotating equipment manufacturing and servicing procedures is unsurpassed.

Jerry Campsall - Engineering Sales Manager

A recognized Certified Engineering Technician - Chemical Processing Disciplines, Jerry has been involved in mixer application sizing and technical sales support for over 16 years. Employed with Prochem in their Application Engineering Department for over 7 years, his forte is Pulp & Paper mixing. After a short stint with Hayward Gordon (the Canadian licensee for Philadelphia Mixers), he joined Professional Mixing Equipment Incorporated as Engineering Sales Manager.

Ron Vergunst – Senior Applications Engineer

An accredited Professional Chemical Engineer, Ron has been instrumental in mixer design and R&D for over 20 years. While employed by Inco (the leading Nickel producer in the world), he was a key member of the process group which developed the SO2 Cyanide Detoxification System for the mining industry. His professional tenures include stints with Prochem, Chemineer, Svedala and most recently Metso Minerals. His knowledge and commitment to the mixing industries are unsurpassed.

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